Shake, Rattle & Drum

Sounds Like Fun Shake, Rattle and Drum

Sounds Like Fun Shake, Rattle and Drum
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Create a band with the Shake, Rattle and Drum. This handcrafted wood set includes 7 pieces: A bucket drum with a natural skin head, a pair of drum sticks, a single jingle stick, a handled castanet and a pair of mini maracas. Designed to show children the difference in sound between instruments and enhance motor skills, it’s fun for the whole family or class! Includes a parent/teacher activity guide, with ideas on how to use the Shake Rattle and Drum to encourage child development. All Sounds Like Fun products pass the appropriate CPSIA and ASTM child safety requirements. The Shake, Rattle, and Drum is for ages 3+.

Sounds Like: Science
Exploring the drum gives your child a lesson in acoustics.

Sounds Like: Physical Development
The pair of maracas lets your child work with both hands. Even very young children begin favoring their dominant hand in everyday motions, but both hands need to stay strong and useful.

Sounds Like: A Musical Ensemble
Bring in brothers and sisters, grandparents and friends. Playing music together is unlike any other group activity. Individually you are thinking, feeling, expressing.