Drip, Drop, Jingle, Jangle

Drip Drop Jingle Jangle

Sounds Like Fun Drip, Drop, Jingle, Jangle
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Black and white contrast makes the Drip, Drop, Jingle, Jangle a perfect “first” musical instrument set. The set contains two plastic instruments. The first is a black and white rainmaker with plastic beads that fall through holes inside to make a rain-like sound. The second is a bell shaker which is a metal bell encased in a plastic shell. The metal bell is inaccessible. The Drip, Drop, Jingle, Jangle comes with a parent/teacher activity guide, that gives ideas on how to use the items to encourage child development. All Sounds Like Fun products pass the appropriate CPSIA and ASTM child safety requirements. The Drip, Drop, Jingle, Jangle is for ages 6 mo+.

Sounds Like: Physical Development
The tiny rainmaker and bell are perfectly sized and safe for your baby’s exploration.

Sounds Like: Visual Appeal
Infants are naturally drawn to contrast and are especially attracted to black and white.

Sounds Like: Making Music Together
Sing to your baby and accompany yourself on the bell. Let her play the rainmaker while you sing!