A-B-C Clappers 3

Sounds Like Fun A-B-C Clappers 3

Sounds Like Fun A-B-C Clappers 3
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Have fun and learn with the ABC Clappers 3. Three brightly painted, hand crafted wood castanets with handles in graduated sizes and sounds. One side labeled 1, 2, 3, the other A, B, C. For color, number, shape and letter recognition, beginning pattern making, and hearing high and low sound changes. Includes a parent/teacher activity guide, with ideas for using the clappers to encourage child development. All Sounds Like Fun products pass the appropriate CPSIA and ASTM child safety requirements. The ABC Clappers 3 is for ages 2+.

Sounds Like: Playing Together
Why are there 3 shakers? So that your child can keep one in each hand, and there’s still one left for you!

Sounds Like: Color Recognition
Red, Green, Yellow: where else do we see these colors?

Sounds Like: Science
A basic rule of musical instruments is that the larger the instrument, the lower the pitch or sound it makes.