8-Note Glockenspiel

8-Note Glockenspiel

Sounds Like Fun 8-Note Glockenspiel
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Accurately pitched, this easy to use 8-note Glockenspiel has each note’s letter name on the individually colored bar in a diatonic range from C to C. It has a sturdy plastic base and rubber pins to hold the bars in place. Each Glockenspiel comes with a parent/teacher activity guide, with a song to play and ideas for how to use the glockenspiel to encourage child development. Includes a pair of rubber mallets. All Sounds Like Fun products pass the appropriate CPSIA and ASTM child safety requirements. The Glockenspiel is for ages 3+.

Sounds Like: Musical Development
Children are naturally musical and are drawn to singing and musical expression.

Sounds Like: Pitch Discrimination
We know that children hear pitches best in a higher range; the range of the glockenspiel is perfectly suited for these young ears.

Sounds Like: Vocal Exploration
Imitating the Glockenspiel helps your child explore his many voices, such as speaking and singing.

Ages 3+

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